Version 2.2 now available for iPhone and iPad on iTunes

On a plate: a new approach to cooking Apple app

‘On a plate’ features a wide selection of delicious recipes presented with easy-to-cook techniques. ‘On a plate’ runs on Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods – version 2.2 is optimised for all current screens sizes and resolutions including the new iPhone 5. 'On a plate' is available for downloading from Apple's iTunes App Store.

To make good food made simply

  • Easy to follow images are given to guide the cook through each process.
  • One tap access to detailed processes, together with simple single swipe screen navigation.
  • Cooks are able to zoom into every screen for a more detailed view.
  • A text card for each recipe is included for those who prefer written recipes.
  • ‘On a plate’ will inspire cooks and help them plan meals.
  • It guides cooks through each step. Whilst ‘On a plate’ is for cooks of all abilities, it is designed to be particularly useful for novices who want to learn how to cook.
  • Since version 2, 'On a plate' has included tips on food storage.
  • Version 2.2 has many more recipes and now includes all of the delicious recipes from our 'Just Cake' app.

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