Tomato sauce

Our philosophy

To help develop reusable skills and techniques

  • Our approach uses the concept of easy to prepare basic ‘elements’. These 'elements' are common to various recipes. Novices will be able to quickly master the skills needed; without having to learn new skills for each recipe.
  • ‘Elements’ may be prepared in advance. So, busy cooks can save time and effort. The result is a range of tasty building blocks. 'Elements help to make quick, low-stress, restaurant-quality meals.

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A visual approach

  • To make them easy to follow, the recipes are shown in diagrams that may be zoomed for easier reading with the flick of a finger.
  • Elements have their own diagrams that are directly accessed from the recipe.

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To encourage creativity

  • By using the suggested optional ingredients, chefs are able to make these recipes their own.