Who knows where the time goes?

For many people these days, the ever increasing shortage of time is a problem; especially when it comes to preparing delicious fresh homemade food. Best intentions vanish and another ready-meal is bought from the supermarket. By the use of uChef’s elements, cooks can be helped to overcome this situation.

‘Elements’ are basic recipe components that are included it many 'On a plate' dishes that are suitable for advanced preparation and storage. For example, when making a pizza, storing some extra tomato sauce ‘element’ will save time and effort, not only when making another pizza, but also dishes such as:

  • curry dishes; or
  • pasta dishes.

Elements are designed to be also incorporated into cooks own dishes. They are easy to repeat and once made a couple of times will become second nature. In a short time, cooks using On a plate will have a large 'tool kit' at their disposal